Our Story

We are a designer watch company based in New York, that creates luxury watches you will be proud to wear.

The name Teleport represents both a journey and a destination. Every time you put on a Teleport watch, our hope is that you not only look amazing and feel great, but also view it as a reminder that whatever journey lies ahead, you can get there from here. 

We pride ourselves in creating and designing quality watches that make you feel good and proud to wear, and most importantly, inspire you on your journey to your “destination.” 

Our Signature:

On every Teleport watch, you will find a number 7. The number seven represents perfection and completion. We felt this number was fitting as our hope is that our brand and mission can motivate you to strive for perfection and complete your respective journeys—all while feeling and looking good doing it.

Our Mission:

Teleport is a proud black-owned company that aims to encourage and inspire every person who wears our watches. Our message is clear: Whatever your destination, tell yourself, "I can get there from here."